Benguelê is a brazilian instrumental music band that focuses in choro. The “choro” or “chorinho” is a musical genre precursor of the “samba carioca”, born in the late 1800’s in Rio de Janeiro, due to the mix between European dances with Afro-Brazilian rhythms. In the last years, the choro is being worldwide recognized thanks to films and documentaries like “Brasileirinho” by Mika Kaurismäki.

Benguelê is the meeting of European musicians (Catalunya, France and Italy) and Brazilians playing the traditional instruments of choro: Guitars (7 and 6 strings), pandeiro and flute. Benguelê is formed by: Remi Meurice (flute), Rocco Pappia (7strings guitar), Jonas Santana (pandeiro) and Marcel Vallès (guitar).