Marcel Vallès presents a set of his own compositions born from his experiences during a stay in Brazil, which became a journey of musical immersion and a turning point in his career.

With the guitar as the protagonist, the artist shares with the audience the personal vision of what has become his host country, while navigating different styles of Brazilian popular music with touches of jazz and blues.

Marcel Vallès: nylon & electric guitar, Samuel Passos: bass
Jonas Santana: percussion

Duo with the brazilian singer Mirla Riomar.

Large repertori of different brazilian generes, including covers and own songs.


Project with reowned cuban pianist Omar Sosa & Taller de Musics. After an artistic residence, we did a tour (Spain, Portugal & France). Videos: 1. Enigma (Marcel Vallès) -recorded live // 2. Documentary of the project// 3. Sumary of the show in Evora (Portugal)

Omar Sosa – piano, voice, body percusion / Marcel Vallès – classical & electric guitar (composition) /  Alan Pribizchuk – bass / Denis Suárez – drums / Álvaro Mejido – percusion / Edu Pons – alto&soprano sax, flute / Marta Durán – tenor sax& voice

Project of Acción Cultural Española & El Taller de Músics

Benguelê is an ensemble that delves into Brazilian instrumental music, particularly in choro. The “choro” or “chorinho” is a musical genre precursor of the “samba carioca”, which was born in the late 1800s in Rio de Janeiro, fusing European dances with Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

Benguelê is the meeting of European and Brazilian musicians playing the traditional instruments of the choro: Guitars (7 and 6 strings), pandeiro and flute.

Rémi Meurice: flute Marcel Vallès: guitar, Rocco Papìa: 7 strings guitar, guitarra de 7 cuerdas, Jonas Santana: pandeiro

Since 2016, I’m working with the brazilian artist Mirla Riomar, previously with band Ganzá and actually with her own project.

Apart of guitarist, I’m the arranger of her songs and coproducer of her album Afrobrasileira.

More info:

I’ve worked as a sideman musician with reowned australian singer & songwritter Vance Joy during 2021 and 2022, recording some live sessions and tracks.

I’ve been the guitarist of the Capeverdian singer & songwritter Ade da costa from 2019 to 2022. I’ve also produced the singles Karabiloke and Hello Cabo Verde, and coproduced his album Hello Cabo verde.

I’ve worked with many other artists such as:

Corah (peruvian singer & saxofonist),  Jere (spanish singer & songwritter), Xeic (ska-rock band), Bruno Venturim (brazilian jazz), So Pereira (brazilian Jazz), Marta Duran quintet (jazz), Joan Gonzalez Septet (funk), Jordi Vidal (actor), presentation of Esbarts de la Merce BCN 2019, HIT the HIT (70’s -80’s rock covers), Priscila Barbosa (brazilian singer), etc.